Creative Direction & Production

Creative Direction & Production

Comwell Hotels

A 3 part Branding Ads produced for Comwell Hotels. Comwell wanted to highlight some of their services that made them stand apart from other hotels also in the B2B sector.



We all know that person who takes their own pillows with them when they stay at hotels. Comwell Hotels caters to all types of guests and their definition of a comfy pillow. With their “Pillow Program” you choose the pillow type of you desire. Both the veteran business man traveller and convention people need a cozy pillow to sleep on after a long day trekking


Gode smagsoplevelser

Organic food is the way for the future and Comwell Hotels is part of that movement, with their adamant dedication to enforce as much organic food usage in their hotels as possible, as well as minimize food wastage, without compromising on delicious food experiences. Again here it was the people behind the scenes that can take the the basics of ingredients and created memorable dining that caught our attention. And this orchestra of dinning experience inspired us with the “Symphony of Sound” in the kitchen. The music track was made up from sound recorded in the kitchen while the staff where preparing for a large conference group.


Danmarks bedste mødekoncept

Winning awards for their personalized “meeting designer” concept for years, that have served many clients with accomplished conferences or meetings, we believed it was the workings behind the scenes that the client never sees that earned them their awards. The royal treatment and attention to detail and catering to wishes that best described their “Meeting Designer” services.